The KEKO Group was established on year 1992 which company headquarters and production facility located in the heritage city of Malaysia, the Pearl of The Orient, Penang. One of the biggest milestones achieved by KEKO was launched Glinter in the November of 2004. Glinter product was emphasized on its trendy physical outlook and mesmerizing taste which targeted young generations who are more trend conscious and looking for premium experience. It aims to penetrate through the existing global carbonated beverage market. With its lively colours and contemporary design, Glinter is fast becoming the selected brand of the younger generations.

Today, Glinter had operates on its distribution network domestically as well as globally. Glinter had export to more than 40 countries consist of Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Southern America etc. In addition, Glinter will expand coverage to more other countries in the future.

The core purpose is achieved through the efforts of esteemed employees who share five common values: Passion, Accountability, Innovation, Team Work, and Quality. With passion and effort, Glinter had put in and successfully protecting the value was delivering to the market until today.



Provide people with joy and healthy eating habit.



To provide the world with the best product and services, at the same time maximize the benefit of our stakeholder with more value.



Passion: We act with love and sense of urgency on what we do.

Accountability: We will give whatever it takes to fulfill our commitment.

Innovation: Innovation was one of the importance tasks of our daily basis.

Team work: Team spirit promotes greater accomplishment.

Quality: We give the best on what we do.