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  99. Incorporated in 1993, KEKO Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd is one of the most established bottle-packed Herbal Tea and Ginseng Chrysanthemum Tea companies in Malaysia.in November 2004, "GLINTER" was born, a new brand that accentuates on its fashionable and fresh-looking image, specially caters for young generations." Embracing Trend. Expressing Energy. " is the motto of GLINTER.Our target consumers are young generations who are fashion conscious and always on the look for innovative, quality products. With its lively colours and contemporary design, GLINTER is fast becoming the selected brand of the younger generations.
  100. Definitely a new trend for all!
    Experience by yourself the most amazing Glinter soft drink with 8 different fruit flavors amplified by the perfect combination of great taste lively colors, design, fashionable and clean transparent fleshy looking image.Glinter Soft Drink was produced by aerated water that uses natural water mixed with fruit flavour essence, refined fructose and CO2. In fact, it is the most suitable beverages for sport, work meals and not forgetting making cocktails!! Unlike others, Glinter soft drink is caffeine free, saccharin free and coloring free, which mean that it is a soft drink that everyone are craving for.
  101. Glinter peach flavour is a perfect choice to get your mouth watering while enjoying the warm of season in the sun.
  102. Green and restful, Glinter kiwi flavour keeps your mind in a green creative direction.
  103. For blueberry lovers, the flavour of the perennial flowering plants is now available in cute Glinter transparent can.
  104. Clean, bubbly, and refreshing, colouring-free Glinter orange flavour has all the goodness locked & less what you don't want in your soft drink.
  105. A glinter green apple flavour a day will keep tiredness away, leaving you energetic & refreshed for the whole day.
  106. Feel the freshness from lychee in Glinter Lychee flavour with fragrant, floral smell and sweet flavour in a clean transparent can.
  107. Refresh your day with Glinter lemon flavour, keep you zesty cool with a refreshed mind.
  108. Red and sexy, colouring-free, transparent look Glinter strawberry flavour is a sweet way to cheer you up under the red hot sun.